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Finding Ideal Muse

Discovering the Real Muse

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This is a weight loss journal. If you know me (or don't) and want to be added feel free. I'm about 1/2 the way there on a long journey. There is no magic... Just hard work and watching what I consume. Okay, there is more to it then that to make it a long term success, but it really comes down to that.

Some things that have helped me along my way:

1) Myfooddiary.com - A food/exercise recording tracking thing.
2) TurboJam.com - Home workout DVDs like dancey kickboxing. Love it!
3) Videofitness.com - If you like workout DVDs this is the place to hang out!
4) Nutritiondata.com - Place to look up foods in various measurements
5) The Beginner Runners Handbook - Proven 13-week walk/run program - (older print version)
6) 3Fatchicks.com - Great website with lots of people in every step of the weight loss process
7) Mapmywalk.com - Map your walking route so you can measure your distance
8) Thin for Life - (The Book) - People who have walked the walk and maintained it
9) Ipod - Nothing makes you pick up your pace better and makes time fly like good tunes!
10) Nike+ Sport Kit - Tracks all your walk/run info onto your ipod/computer
11) http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/ (Yes, I've been bitten by the bug)