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Note to Self:

Having eatten nearly 1000 calories before noon not so smart yeah?

If this was a non-exercise day I'd be screwed. I want to bike... it looks nice out at the moment, but Chi-Trib says 40 percent chance of rain in the afternoon. Last time I ignored the forecast because it looked nice out, I got caught in a heavy downpour while 20 miles from home on the bike. Hmm... what to do...

Biking and F-You Mrs. Snoot

Just got back from a long ride. About 2:45 or so biking :15 for stop lights/signs approx = about 3 hours give or take = 42 miles

Training called for 155mins = 2hr 35 mins

Decided to take the North Branch trail today for my long training ride. About halfway out about as far away from home as possible it started to downpour which slowed me down a bit. Rained for about 10 miles. Total ride was just under 42 miles my longest/farthest ride yet. Instead of looping the trail at the end I got to where it loops back and turned around so I repeated the last 4.2 mile circle. Plus I went to Starbucks when I got back home.

People are so stupid. This one lady yelled at me "Stay on your side please" Um. HELLO? Its called passing. I had just passed a guy.... it was before a curve, but I finished the pass before the curve and was just about to go back into my lane. I realize there are stupid people on they trail they deal with every day, but she hadn't even seen me riding and just assumed I was the stupid one? BTW I was going extra slow too to be cautious. Whatever Mrs. Superiority.

The Fire

Exercise isn't "hard" for me these days, but getting out the door to convince myself to do it is. Why are we so resistent to something we know makes us feel fabulous? How to light that fire under my butt?

Luckily my fear of not making a fool of myself in the tri's has kept me mostly on track and I've been doing very well with exercise except that week or two slip up I had a few weeks ago. I'm very proud of how hard I've worked. I've certainly earned to be where I am and where I'm going.

Anyway, I'm reluctantly heading out the door for a run. It's nice out today, so it should be fairly nice. I'm alittle worried about my foot as I was doing a high impact cardio DVD last night and now something in tender. Hopefully it's not going to bother me.

10 days and counting to D-Day. Or T-Day. Or Whatever!

Bike Ride

Monday I did 24 miles in 2 hours. I didn't subtract time for the stop lights. They finally re-marked the forest preserve trail, so I stopped at the 10 mile marker. I estimate maybe 13-14mph.

Today even though my legs felt more tired I did 28 miles in the same chunk of time. I think I had better luck with the lights this time, and there must have been a bit less wind. I stopped at mile marker 12. (And downed a couple of shot blox) I suppose I averaged 14-15 mph?

I guess it would help if I actually installed that catseye bike computer I got a few weeks ago.

Anyway 52 miles this week and I still have another ride on Friday. Not too shabby.

Whew. Okay off to mow the lawn. Better get out of these unflattering bike shorts first!

Bad photo

Sorry for the bad photo. Was was too freekin' bright to get a decent one.

Woo Hoo!!

Yeay! They Pro-rate! only $45 bucks for the rest of the spring session and comes to $21/mo for spring summer. I'm going to run down there now with a check... and ask if I can see the fitness facilities first, but I'm pretty sure I'm joining. Takes care of my Pool issue and Treadmill issue!

Too bad I don't still live in the condo this place is only like 4 and a half block from there.

Holy Crap

It's 13 out and it says the windchill is -6. That doesn't sound SUPER bad, but it's hella-cold for walking around sweaty after a workout.


Spring. Now. Yes?


No Change this week. Boo Hoo. It's making me grumpy.

On my last run something in my foot started bothering me. I think I need to get a new pair of sneakers. You're supposed to replace them every 500 miles (How do people AFFORD that?) and I used mine for walking all last summer. Normally I Pronate outwards. The souls of my steel toe shoes are VERY worn on the outside back edge after wearing them for a few years.

I'm wondering though if since I lost weight or if its just when I run if I pronnate inwards as my foot bothers me when it rolls inwardish and I could run on the outside edge OK. So I have to go to one of those snooty running shoe stores so they can watch me walk/run.

The problem is running sneakers aren't cheap and there isn't anything wrong with my old ones... I mean they look fine on the outside and everything so I'm really resistant to shelling out obscene amounts for new ones, but I know the right sneakers can help prevent injury... and since I'm hauling around an extra 70 pounds still I need to take all precautions.

Last time I went to fleet feet, but as far as I can remember they didn't have a treadmill for testing... so I'm going to investigate a bit.

Running shoes though are about the LAST thing I want to spend money on. I hate sneakers.

Slightly Insane

I took off yesterday because it was like 2 degrees outside (after being almost 50 the day before!) and now today its warmer (23ish) but snowing. Grrr...

Oh well off I go 3+ miles into the snow to get to the gym and back.

See how determined (stupid?) I am?

Another Pic

Another Shot of when my hair was cute. This is the last time I was about the weight I am now. Maybe 5 years ago... this is before we lived in the condo and lived in an awesome apartment in Lincoln Square. I miss Lincoln Square dearly. Stupid Chicago Prices.



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